Information Guide: Europe on the Internet, August 2017 edition

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Europe on the Internet helps you find information on the European Union, the wider Europe and related subjects, directing you to websites, databases and individual documents.

The guide is updated at the beginning of each new EU Presidency in January and July, and more frequently when necessary.

- Searching for European information
- Legislative, judicial and policy-making information
- Keeping up-to-date
- Information on EU policies and countries
- Grants and loans
- Statistics
- Contact information
- Terminological, linguistic and translation information

Europe on the Internet is available in a number of European languages. Non-English versions are translated from the English version by interns and others for the Cardiff EDC. These versions are revised when personnel with the requisite language skills are available and therefore may not be as up-to-date as the English version.

- Albanian (revised by Marsida Bandilli, January 2015)
- Bulgarian (revised by Yordanka Dimcheva, March 2016)
- Croatian (revised by Marinela Zagorscak, August 2014)
- Czech (revised by Michaela Mejdrov√°, July 2016)
- Dutch (revised by Shelley Bontje, April 2017)
- Finnish (revised by Tiia Harainen, April 2016)
- French (revised by Bastien Beauducel, March 2017)
- German (revised by Jana Kiskalt, January 2017)
- Greek (revised by Artemis Koutsopoulou, October 2016)
- Hungarian (revised by Edina Sisler, April 2016)
- Italian (revised by Filippo Bonucci, August 2017)
- Polish (revised by Emil Ancewicz, September 2017)
- Portuguese (revised by Elisabete Barros, August 2017)
- Romanian (revised by Ana Alexandrescu, October 2016)
- Russian (revised by Irina Eremenko, January 2016)
- Spanish (revised by Inma Moreno, September 2016)
- Swedish (revised by Fereshteh Karbalaee, January 2016)
- Turkish (revised by Sedef Topal, August 2015)
- Welsh (revised by Rhidian Wyn Roberts, April 2016)

Compiled and revised by Ian Thomson.
Also available in a number of European languages [see below].

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