Information Guide: Germany

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Publication Date 2017
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A guide to information sources on the Federal Republic of Germany.

- General information
- Agriculture
- Competition policy
- Culture and language
- Defence and security
- Economics
- Education
- Employment
- Energy
- Environment
- European policies and relations with the EU
- Geography
- Health
- Human rights
- Intellectual property
- Investment
- Justice and home affairs
- Living and working
- Media
- Politics
- Public management
- Research and development
- Regions
- Society
- Statistics
- Tourism
- Transport
- Weather
Also available in French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish [see Related URLs].
English, German and French versions updated by Louisa Idel, April 2017.
Italian version updated by Filippo Bonucci, May 2017.
Polish version created by Rafał Struszczak, April 2013.
Spanish version updated by María Gimeno Segovia, June 2016.

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