Enterprise & Industry Magazine | Number 9 (2010)

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Series Details Number 9
Publication Date December 2010
ISSN 1831-1237
EC NB-BI-10-009-EN-C
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This issue of the E&I magazine devotes its main feature to reviewing the European Commission’s plans to transform Europe into an Innovation Union, with the objective of turning ideas into jobs and sustainable growth. It examines the new integrated industrial policy for the globalisation era, and looks at a number of 'star SMEs' which have won awards for making to most of their opportunities in the single market thanks to the support provided by the Enterprise Europe Network.

This edition also explains the meaning of the CE marking and presents the campaign that the European Commission launched to raise awareness of this marking. Finally, the magazine explores how space policy, security research, social tourism and innovative technologies in the forest-based sector can improve the lives of European citizens, while contributing to the competitiveness and sustainability of the European economy.

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial
  • Innovation Union for a sustainable future
  • Industrial policy takes centre stage
  • Space, a policy with concrete results
  • CE marking made easy
  • Securing peace and prosperity
  • Forest-based sector: flying on the wings of innovation
  • Off-season tourism broadens horizons for all
  • The Enterprise Europe Network in Action
  • News in brief & Upcoming events
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