Interest representation in the European Union

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 0-333-99571-6 (Hbk)
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This book explores the impact of public and private interest representation on issues within the European Union (EU). It sets out to explain how the attempt at understanding interest representation also throws light on how public policies within the EU develop, as well as how they are organised and implemented. The book further suggests that this understanding will help explain the course of European integration.

Following the introduction in chapter one, which deals broadly with the range and variety of interest groups in Europe, chapter two explores decision-making and the 'routes' of influence within the EU, like the 'National Route', the 'Brussels Strategy', and the regulation of lobbying. Chapter three turns to business interests, chapter four is on professional interests, and chapter five looks at the question of labour interests. Chapter six examines public interests, in particular environmental, consumer and social interests, and chapter seven probes territorial interests, such as the issue of regional governance in Western Europe and the structure and organisation of territorial public interests. Lastly, chapter eight provides some conclusions on the issues and problems discussed, with work on the role of civil society interests in EU competencies and developing policy fields, along with an explanation of these interests in terms of the European Integration issue.

The book is aimed at students, practitioners and readers with a general interest in the field.

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