International Conference on Libya, 19 January 2020

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Overview, reports and information on the International Conference on Libya, held in Berlin (Germany) on 19 January 2020.

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This international conference - which gathered a number of stakeholders with interests in Libya - was aimed at bringing to an end the civil war across the country. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed the establishment of an arms embargo and an end to the support provided by these stakeholders to the opposing sides on the ground. The meeting was hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel and United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres.

Civil unrest in Libya has lasted ever since the fall of the regime led by Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. At the time of this meeting, two governments fought for control of Libya - the Government of National Accord (GNA) based in the capital city Tripoli, and a government led by General Khalifa Haftar, who commands the so-called Libyan National Army (LNA) and is based in the eastern part of the country. Analysts repeatedly highlighted the conflict as a proxy war, with a number of foreign power more or less explicityly joining in to defend ideological and economic interests. The GNA is reportedly supported by the UN, Turkey and several Western actors (including the United States and Italy), while the LNA is backed by Egypt, the UAE, Russia, Saudi Arabia and France.

Media reports and analyses also highlighted how the European Union (EU) has been affected by the internal diverging views on the Libyan conflict and consequently left without much influence on how the civil war unfolded.

On 21 January, the UN Security Council praised the peace commitments agreed by the participants at the Berlin summit.

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