International mergers: the antitrust process, 3rd ed. Vols.I-III

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0421-65160-1
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In today's world economy the number of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures is rapidly increasing, generating antitrust concerns in many places. This new edition of one of the key resources for international antitrust lawyers has been greatly enlarged to provide over 2,500 pages of analysis of merger regulations in nearly 50 countries. The publication has switched from a hardback text to a three volume looseleaf format with Sweet and Maxwell releasing updates twice a year.

A new introductory chapter, included in this edition, sets the antitrust process in context, in terms of principles, processes and politics. There follows an analysis of over 60 jurisdictions arranged in alphabetical order. Each chapter follows a standard format, enabling the practitioner to pursue effectively the same issue across a number of jurisdictions and a streamlined version of the format for jurisdictions with less-developed merger control regimes has been created to help describe complex variations between systems and give the reader a useful way to make convenient cross-reference.

The coverage of each jurisdiction includes: statutory standard; enforcement agencies; private enforcement; adjudicative body; pre-merger notification; normal investigative process; advance ruling; negotiated solutions; contested adjudicative proceedings; Final orders; Antitrust factors in privatisation transactions; Role of securities agencies; Other regulatory approval requirements; Legislation; forms; names and addresses.

The jurisdictions of thirteen of the fifteen Member States are covered in the present edition with analysis of Greece and the United Kingdom promised in future update releases. There is also a chapter devoted entirely to the European Union.

This publication will be useful for all practitioners in law firms which have substantial antitrust practices around the world.

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