Introduction to European Union law, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 1-85941-679-9
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In a field which is always rapidly changing and evolving, this book acts as both an overview and guide through the problems and complexities of European Union (EU) law. It also aims to provide practical advice. Walter Cairns begins by pointing out that European law contains both a broad and narrow definition. In its broadest sense, it appears to cover all policies designed and implemented by the EU; in its narrowest, it incorporates intergovernmental treaties and conventions, community institution law, principles of law which explain and supplement treaties and legislation, and the decisions by judicial bodies which apply such legislation, at both the EU and national levels.

After the introduction, the book comprises of sixteen sections. These deal with legislation in the following areas: community institutions, the community decision-making process, sources of community law, community law and national law, judicial remedies in community law (direct actions), community judicial remedies in terms of indirect actions, the free movement of goods, the free movement of persons, the free movement of capital, competition policy, customs law, social policy, gender discrimination, intellectual property, prospects for the future and, finally, a practical guide through EU law.

The work is aimed at scholars, practitioners, those involved in the decision-making process and anyone interested in the field of EU legislation.

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