Italian political crisis continues after President of the Republic Mattarella refuses eurosceptic Economy Minister

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On 27 May 2018, Italian head of State Sergio Mattarella refused the economic Minister proposed by Giuseppe Conte and its government which was the result of weeks of coalition talks between the Five Star Movement and the Northern League.

This opposition from the head of State led Conte to resign and opened again the governmental crisis.

Reactions to the President's move in Italy are controversial. The public opinion is split between those who agree with Mattarella hailed as a hero and those who considered him as a traitor of the Constitution and the democratic system, some of them also threatened violence.

On 28 May 2018, Mattarella summoned Carlo Cottarelli to give him the mandate to form a government.

Background information:

On 23 May 2018, President Mattarella gave the mandate to professor Giuseppe Conte to create a new government.

Conte, Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, being respectively the leader of the Five Star Movement and the leader of the Northern League, worked together in order to find the names of the people who would have became the Ministers of the so-called 'government of the change'. Between those names, a major problem was related to Paolo Savona, the perspective economy Minister, because of his previous work connected with eurosceptic views.

On 27 May 2018, Conte met President Mattarella in order to have his official approval, but the President vetoed Savona as Minister, leading Conte to resign. President Mattarella decided not to approve Savona because of his calls for a possible Italian exit from the euro expressed in his Plan B to leave the eurozone through secret negotiations.

The leaders of the Five Star Movement and the Northern League, Di Maio and Salvini, strongly opposed this decision from the President, saying they would not have given their confidence to the government created by Cottarelli and claiming they were ready to go back to the election.

Di Maio said that the move from the President was incomprehensible and that Mattarella went too far in exercising the powers the Constitution gives him; in doing so, the President would have put aside the results of the general election held in March, preventing them to form a government, and he would have preferred the interest of Brussels over Italian ones. He raised the possibility of an attempt to impeach President Mattarella, a process that has been initiated three times in the past against Italian heads of state but has never succeeded.
He also asked Italian people to show support to the Five Star Movement by drapping the Italian flag on their windows and to join parades and rallies to support the party.

On 28 May 2018, President Mattarella appointed Cottarelli as interim Prime Minister. Cottarelli, 'Mr. Scissors', is an economist, former International Monetary Fund official and Italian government appointee, who told reporters that he would form a caretaker government only with the goal of passing a budget and guiding Italy to new elections.

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