Italy’s anti-Far-Right Movement launches demonstrations across Italy

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After the official election campaign for the 2020 Emilia-Romagna regional election was opened on 14 November by the League where Matteo Salvini presented the centre-right candidate Lucia Borgonzoni, a demonstration was organised in Bologna to peacefully protest against Salvini's campaign. The protest was launched through the movement named "Sardines". Since, the movement gathered in many cities to protest against the far-right.

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The "Sardines" movement began when four friends invited people to join a protest against Salvini’s League. The call was made a few days before the far-right with Matteo Salvini was due to launch the campaign in the sports arena in Bologna on 14 November. The sports arena had a capacity for 5,700 people, therefore, the purpose was to attract more people than that number. 15,000 people rallied at Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore on that day. Then, the Sardines converged in other Emilia-Romagna cities before spreading across Italy.

On 14 December, tens of thousands of people gathered in Rome against right-wing populism.

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