Jean-Claude Juncker becomes EPP Spitzenkandidat for 2014 European Parliament elections

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Former Luxembourgish Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker submitted his bid to become the European People's Party (EPP) choice for the presidency of the European Commission on 27 February 2014. Mr Juncker was elected the lead candidate on 7 March at the annual EPP Congress.

Further information:

Jean-Claude Juncker first suggested his interest in becoming the EPP Spitzenkandidat in January 2014. Following the appearance of positive signals from the leadership of Germany's CDU leadership, Mr Juncker later emerged as the frontrunner across the media.

Following Mr Juncker's victory at the party congress, Martin Selmayr was announced as his campaign manager. On 7 April, the chairmen of EPP groups in the national parliaments met to show their support to Mr Juncker in his quest to become President of the European Commission. The campaign was officially launched in Utrecht on 14 April. The candidate stated the renegotiation of the United Kingdom's EU membership would be one of his priorities as head of the European Commission.

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