Joint Statement on Electronic Commerce: EU Proposal for WTO Disciplines and Commitments Relating to Electronic Commerce

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Publication Date 26/04/2019
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Proposed guidelines from the European Union (EU) for setting up international rules on electronic commerce (e-commerce), in the framework of the negotiations launched by a number of members of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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The decision by a number of WTO Members to engage in plurilateral negotiations aimed at regulating electronic commerce was taken in January 2019. The aim of the negotiations was to put in place international rules encouraging global e-commerce, facilitating the operations of businesses, strengthening consumers' trust and creating new opportunities for sustainable development.

The EU proposals were first circulated by the WTO on 26 April. These were discussed alongside other proposals from other participating WTO Member during a round of formal discussions on 13-15 May. In order for the European Commission negotiate with its WTO partners on behalf of the EU, its existing mandate for the Doha Development Agenda had to be supplemented to include the position on trade-related aspects of e-commerce.

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