Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-244/03. French Republic v. European Parliament and Council of the European Union. The Court dismisses the action brought against the progressive ban on animal testing for the purpose of developing and marketing cosmetics

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Series Details No.44, 2005 (24.5.05)
Publication Date 24/05/2005
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Source Link http://curia.europa.eu/en/actu/communiques/cp05/aff/cp050044en.pdf
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Europa: Eur-lex: Case-law: CURIA: Case C-244/03 http://curia.europa.eu/jurisp/cgi-bin/form.pl?lang=en&Submit=Submit&alldocs=alldocs&docj=docj&docop=docop&docor=docor&docjo=docjo&numaff=C-244%2F03&datefs=&datefe=&nomusuel=&domaine=&mots=&resmax=100

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ECJ Case C-244/03
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