Juncker suggests changes to EU political framework in his annual SOTEU address

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EC President Jean-Claude Juncker put forward a bold vision on the future of European integration. Among other elements, Mr. Juncker defended merging the posts of the Commission and European Council presidencies, argued against a separate Parliament and budget for the Eurozone and in favour of extending this area to cover the remaining EU Member States. He mentioned the expansion of the Schengen area and showed his opposition to a model of flexible geometry, which would allow Member States to adopt distinct speed as regards the European Union integration.

Stakeholders from across the European Union reacted rather coldly to the vision outlined by Mr Juncker. Eurozone finance ministers meeting on 15 September urged Member States to work towards strengthening the monetary union before extending it. Some EU leaders tended to dismiss Mr Juncker's vision as long-term wishes.

During his annual State of the Union speech on 13 September 2017, the President of the European Commission set out his vision for the future of the European Union's overall structure.

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