Kosovan government collapses following no-confidence vote / Kosovo holds snap election with war crimes court, economy in focus

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The main trigger of the no-confidence vote was a border demarcation agreement with Montenegro, a deal strongly criticised by the opposition but also an essential step for a visa liberalisation agreement with the European Union. Since the signing of the agreement, the main opposition party organised violent street demonstrations and fired tear gas in parliament.

The political crisis was also fuelled by another agreement conceding more political autonomy for the Serb minority living in the territory.

Kosovo's government collapsed on 10 May 2017 after it lost a confidence vote in parliament. The country's President later called for a snap election scheduled for 11 June 2017.

This was possible through a change of heart by the PDK, one of the parties within the coalition government, by supporting the opposition in the push for the early election. The ruling coalition had been seeing growing discord between its two main parties.

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