Kosovan parliamentary election, 14 February 2021

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Information Guide concerning the parliamentary election held in Kosovo on 14 February 2021.

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This snap election was called following almost one year of turbulent internal politics in the country, first triggered by the collapse of the coalition government stemming from the previous election. While the opposition later succeeded in forming an alternative cabinet, the country's Constitutional Court ruled on 21 December 2020 that one of the votes that allowed for a parliamentary majority to that government was invalid. Fresh elections were therefore called as a result. In Kosovo, 100 of the 120 seats are elected using open list proportional representation by all voters, with the remaining 20 seats reserved for national and ethnic minorities.

The results were a clear victory for Vetevendosje (VV), which received around 47.9% of the votes. The Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK) was second with around 17.4%, followed by the Democratic League of Kosovo (13.1%).

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UNICEF: Kosovo Programme: Press Release, 03/02/2021: 12 Days before Kosovo’s election, UNICEF calls for one winner: children https://www.unicef.org/kosovoprogramme/press-releases/12-days-kosovos-election-unicef-calls-one-winner-children

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