Kosovo opposition tries to overturn landmark deal with Serbia

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Protesteres and police fought on the streets of Pristina on 12 October 2015 following the arrest of a prominent opposition politician behind a campaign to overturn an EU-brokered landmark deal with Serbia.

Albin Kurti, from the Self-Determination party, was later released. His arrest followed an incident in parliament on the previous week in which Mr Kurti opened a tear gas canister in the parliament chamber in protest against a European Union-brokered deal to give more local powers to Kosovo's ethnic Serb minority.

Separately, on Serbia's side, authorities made it clear they had no intention to recognise Kosovo's independence, despite their willingness to accept the agreement reached earlier in 2015 regarding the normalisation of the relations between the two sides.

Source Link http://www.euractiv.com/sections/enlargement/kosovo-opposition-tries-overturn-landmark-deal-serbia-318439
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