Labour law in Denmark

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Publication Date 2005
ISBN 90-411-2397-0
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This work presents an overall view of all aspects of Danish labour law. It is constructed essentially in three parts. The first provides a comprehensive background of the parameters, both economic and social, within which labour law operates together with a history and useful section on the sources of labour law. The second part deals with individual employment relations and has chapters covering all aspects of employment - rights and duties, working time, holidays etc., remuneration and benefits, incapacity, job security, employee protection and discrimination, covenants of non-competition, invention by employees and dispute settlement. The final part deals with collective labour relations and includes chapters on areas such as trade union freedom, trade unions and employers’ associations, collective bargaining, strikes, lock-outs and other legal forms of industrial action, settlement of industrial disputes of interest and protection of vital needs, and disputes of rights.

The work will interest advocates and administrators, management, employees and students engaged in or affected by Danish labour law.

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