[Labour Party and Brexit]: Keir Starmer speech marking one year to go until Brexit

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Keir Starmer MP, the UK Labour Party Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, gave a speech marking one year to go until Brexit at the EEF Technology Hub, Birmingham on the 26 March 2018.

While the Labour Party accepted the will of the people as expressed in the June 2016 referendum, Mr Starmer said that Labour would table amendments to the government’s EU withdrawal bill aimed at preventing the UK from crashing out of the EU without a deal if parliament rejected the outcome of the Brexit talks.

Mr Starmer, a pro-Remain MP, acknowledged that the Labour Party was divided on Brexit.

His speech came just days after Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn sacked his Shadow Northern Ireland spokesman Owen Smith who had called for a second referendum on Brexit to be held.

Source Link https://labour.org.uk/press/keir-starmer-speech-marking-one-year-go-brexit/
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