Latvian parliamentary election, 6 October 2018

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Latvia held a parliamentary election on 6 October 2018 to elect the members of the Saeima (the Latvian Parliament).

The turnout of the election was the lowest since the country re-established its independence in 1990. The former coalition government lost almost half of its votes to new parties. The Social Democratic Party 'Harmony' received most votes in the election, although it received less votes than in the 2014 election. The party received most of its support from the Russian-speaking minority in Latvia. The populist parties KPV LV and the New Conservative Party received the most votes after Harmony.

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The election raised concerns about Russian interference. Donald Tusk, in his speech on the future of Europe, expressed his concern about the influence of Russia in European politics. He argued the Latvian general election would show if this strategy is effective.

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