Less and more Europe: The EU at a crossroads between federalism and political disintegration

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One of the most common arguments during the Eurozone crisis was that states required greater levels of political integration to help stabilise their economies. However, as Arthur Borriello and Amandine Crespy write, the crisis also witnessed a shift toward more intergovernmental forms of decision-making centred on the European Council. They note that the EU is now caught between competing narratives which simultaneously advocate ‘less Europe’ and ‘more Europe’, and that with the refugee crisis generating similar paradoxical positions, it is time for national governments to articulate a consistent vision for the future of the integration process.

Source Link http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2016/01/14/less-and-more-europe-the-eu-at-a-crossroads-between-federalism-and-political-disintegration/
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