Lexit undermines the Left – it will be no prize for Labour / Long read: how EU membership undermines the left

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Brexit had been very divisive for the Left in Britain. While some socialist intellectuals claimed that it was a prize within reach for the Labour movement, it remained largely a neo-colonial project of a ‘Global Britain’, wrote Peter J. Verovšek. He argued that the case for Lexit ignores the right-wing roots of the EU referendum, and that it would be no prize for Labour.

See also an article written in response Long read: how EU membership undermines the left:

In a recent contribution to LSE Brexit, Peter J Verovsek criticised left-wing supporters of Brexit, claiming that they were backing a ‘statist, nationalist initiative’ that could only benefit the right. Peter Ramsay (LSE) replied, arguing that it was left-wing Remainers who were stuck in the past and that a fetishism of the supranational and the cosmopolitan was the real problem for the left.

Source Link http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/brexit/2018/10/16/lexit-undermines-the-left-it-will-be-no-prize-for-labour/
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