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As Brexit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom moved to Phase 2 (discussing the implementation phase and the future nature of the long-term relationship) in February 2018, the governing Conservative Party in the United Kingdom seemed increasingly riven by division between those arguing for a clear break (Hard Brexit) with the EU and those arguing for the UK to maintain a mutually beneficial close relationship with the EU (Soft Brexit).

News sources over the weekend of 10-11 February 2018 indicated that Downing Street had made it clear that the Prime Minister and senior ministers would make a series of six Road to Brexit speeches over the coming days to try and clarify what it wanted from the EU.

The speeches were given as follows:

+ 14.02.18: Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary)
+ 17.02.18: Theresa May (Prime Minister) at the Munich Security Conference.
+ 20.02.18: David Davis (Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union)
+ 20.02.18: Liam Fox (Secretary of State for International Trade)

Theresa May would give a second speech on a yet unfixed date as would David Lidington. Commentators noted that Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond, seen as more pro-EU ministes were not part of this list.Text and analysis of a speech by Liam Fox, the United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Trade, to delegates from the manufacturing industry at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference, London, 20 February 2018.

The speech was part of a series called Road to Brexit given in February 2018 by senior pro-Brexit government ministers.

The theme for the conference was Global Britain. Change - Opportunity - Growth. The conference included two workshops:

+ How to Minimise Trading Friction with the EU
+ Support and Sustain your Post-Brexit Workforce

In addition to the speech by Liam Fox, another government minister Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Greg Clark, spoke at the conference.

See also the links below to two further speeches by Liam Fox:

+ 27.02.18: Britain’s Trading Future - Speech delivered by Dr Liam Fox at Bloomberg in London outlining the government’s vision for the UK’s commercial future, and its leadership role in the global economy

+ 08.03.18: Historic opportunity for UK exporters - Trade Secretary Liam Fox's speech about trade and EU exit at the British Chambers of Commerce's (BCC) annual conference.

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