Living and working in France, 3rd ed.

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 0-7494-4254-9
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‘La joie de vivre’. No other language expresses this thought better than French. This work is an open invitation to understand the French, their way of life, their ways of government and many other aspects that both enhance and frustrate the ‘joie de vivre’.

The book presents a feast of information served over ten courses - or chapters. The first offers an insight to the French way of life while the second presents facts about France - population size, institutions, regional structure and the like. Chapter three contains useful, perhaps essential, information about living and working in France such as legal structures of French companies, employee representation, social legislation, social security with a ‘sauce piquant’ - the rhythm of life. A few words about the French language follow in chapter four. Some practical details concerning property purchase, rental, insurance, communications, cats and dogs and the French weather are given in chapter five. Caveat emptor - or more appropriately consommateur averti - in relation to topics such as money and currency, cars and traffic, security and police are dealt with in chapter six. The young ones - les enfants et juniors - are the focus of chapter seven which covers the French family, French schools, studying in France, higher education and European programmes. As we reach the eighth course (or chapter) it is perhaps appropriate to consider health issues - choosing a doctor, hospitals (public or private?), the chemist’s shop, emergency services and nursing care. Chapter nine invites us to think about leisure time, pastimes and passions, entertainments, bistros and café terraces, and many other such divertissements. The final chapter is like a warm cognac to be savoured with thoughts of friendly places, an enriching experience, the spontaneity of children - at home in France. Bon appétit!

The work will interest all those foreign nationals currently living or intending to reside in France.

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