Living Together Facing Fears: the French Political Dilemma

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Publication Date 16/03/2017
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This Policy Paper by Notre Europe director Yves Bertoncini and Dídac Gutiérrez-Peris, director European affairs of the Viavoice Institute, was realised on the basis of a poll by YouGov which mapped out the fears in France and in five others European member states (Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland and Sweden), and their impact on political debates.

The Policy Paper analyses the following points:

+ Fear is a defining element of the French public debate;
+ The 2017 elections may allow the expression of a growing antipathy and determine if the Front National is seen as a possible recourse or an other threat;
+ The euroscepticism of French people is not the expression of europhobia that will lead to the exit from the European Union.

This Policy Paper was presented during a debate in Paris on 20 March, at the Maison de l'Europe.

The text of this Policy Paper is in French. An English version was published in the Report Nothing to fear bur fear itself? coordinated by Demos (see related url hyperlink below).

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