Lobbying the European Union: Institutions, actors, and issues

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Publication Date 2009
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It is universally accepted that there has been a huge growth in EU lobbying over the past few decades. There is now a dense EU interest group system. This new volume, inspired by Mazey & Richardson's 1993 book Lobbying in the European Community, seeks to understand the role of interest groups in the policy process from agenda-setting to implementation. Specifically, the book is interested in observing how interest groups organise to influence the EU institutions and how they select different coalitions along the policy process and in different policy domains.

In looking at 20 years of change, the book captures processes of institutional and actor learning, professionalisation of lobbying, and the possible emergence of a distinct EU public policy style. More specifically, from the actors' perspective, the editors are interested in assessing how the rise of direct lobbying and the emergence of fluid issue-based coalitions has changed the logic of collective action, and what is the potential impact of 'venue-shopping' on reputation and influence. From an institutional perspective, the contributors explore resource and legitimacy demands, and the practical impact of consultation processes on the emergence of a distinct EU lobbying relationship. It will be of interest to academics and practitioners alike.

Part I: Introduction
1. Learning to Lobby the Euroepan Union: 20 Years of Change - David Coen and Jeremy Richardson

Part II:Instititutional Demands
2. The European Commission - Peter Bouwen
3. The European Parliament - Wilhelm Lehmann
4. Least Accessible but not Inaccessible: Lobbying the Council and the European Council - Fiona Hayes-Renshaw
5. Interest Groups and the European Court of Justice - Margaret McCown
6. COREPER and National Governments - Sabine Saurugger
7. The European Economic and Social Committee - Martin Westlake

Part III: Actor Supply
8. Business Lobbying in the European Union - David Coen
9. NGOs as Gatekeepers; A Green Vision - Tony Long and Larissa Lorinczi

Part IV: Sectoral Studies
10. The Changing World of European Health Lobbies - Scott L. Greer
11. A Ban on Tobacco Advertising: The Role of Interest Groups - Sandra Boessen and Hans Maarse
12. Politics of Food: Agro-industry Lobbying in Brussels - Wyn Grant and Tim Stocker
13. Bargaining and Lobbying in the EU Social Policy - Oliver Treib and Gerda Falkner
14. Trade Policy Lobbying in the European Union: Who Captures Whom? - Cornelia Woll
15. Regulating Lobbying in the European Union - Daniela Obradovic

Part V: Conclusion
16. Institutionalizing and Managing Intermediation in the EU - Jeremy Richardson and David Coen

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