Logo re-launch in bid to pave way for transition

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Series Details 24/04/01, Volume 7, Number 17
Publication Date 26/04/2001
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Date: 26/04/01

Under an agreement signed earlier this month, retailers are only allowed to display this logo ['Payments in euros accepted' - in the appropriate language - accompanied by a smiley face] if they agree to do the following:

  • Display prices in both euros and national currencies for most of the products and services on the market beginning in September
  • Show the euro price more prominently than the national currency (this applies only to retailers that start dual display during 2001)
  • Comply with existing rules regarding conversion and rounding
  • Continue dual pricing until at least the end of the dual circulation period
  • Do not use the changeover to the euro to apply hidden price increases
  • Indicate clearly how payments can be made in euros and which currency has been used in calculations
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