LSE Commission on the Future of Britain in Europe. Overview and summary of reports

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Publication Date June 2016
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The LSE Commission on the Future of Britain in Europe aimed to inform the national debate on Britain’s membership of the European Union, with high quality, evidence-based and balanced analysis. It aimed to meet the public need for reliable information in the run-up to the national referendum on the renegotiated terms of Britain’s EU membership, which was be held on 23 June 2016.

The work of the Commission concentrated on a series of expert hearings convened by LSE academics. Participants included: senior British and EU public officials, policy practitioners, academics, think tanks, journalists and business representatives. The Hearings examined: 'negotiation issues', the options for a reconfigured UK-EU relationship and the wider impact of a Brexit on the UK, as well as on the EU as a whole.

Each convenor produced a report of their hearing which has contributed to a final Overview and Summary of reports, which sets out an overall assessment of the case for continued British EU membership or a Brexit. The European Institute launched the Commission report at a public event on 7 June 2016.

+ Hearing 1 Report: EU Financial Regulation & Protection for Eurozone 'Outs'

+ Hearing 2 Report: Higher Education & Research

+ Hearing 3 Report: Social Europe, EU Employment Legislation & the UK's Labour Market

+ Hearing 4 Report: Free Movement of Persons & Migration

+ Hearing 5 Report: External Perspectives on the UK’s membership of the EU

+ Hearing 6 Report: The Implications of Brexit for Fundamental Rights Protection in the UK

+ Hearing 7 Report: Britain as a Global Actor after Brexit

+ Hearing 8 Report: The UK's Democratic Moment on 'Europe'?

+ Hearing 9 Report: Implications of a Brexit for UK National Governance & Local Government

+ Hearing 10 Report: 'Ever Closer Union'

+ Hearing 11: Economic Impact of Brexit

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