Lumley’s fabulous night in Brussels

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Series Details 05/04/01, Volume 7, Number 14
Publication Date 05/04/2001
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Date: 05/04/01

Normally the high point of life for Brussels luminaries is the prospect of raised voices at the weekly COREPER meeting of Union ambassadors or cross-party support for a resolution in the European Parliament. But there was a ray of

sunshine this week when Joanna Lumley, former glamour model and star of the popular UK TV series Absolutely Fabulous, headlined a reception at the residence of the UK ambassador to the EU, Sir Nigel Sheinwald. The real guest of honour at the party, although not many people noticed, was Greg Dyke, director-general of the BBC.

The evening turned out a veritable array of Brussels stars, including NATO Secretary-General George Robertson and a host of Tory MEPs and Lords and the usual crowd of hungry journalists and diplomats.

Lumley was in town to appear at a press conference for animal welfare lobbyists Compassion in World Farming. A supporter of the group for years, she is urging Parliament to end the long-distance transport of animals across the Union.

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