Managing labour migration in Europe. Ideas, knowledge and policy change

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Publication Date 2010
ISBN 978-0-7190-8072-2 (Hbk)
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Labour migration has become one of the hot topics in Europe, especially since 2000 with the shift from restriction to managed migration. This book provides an authoritative account of policy change over labour migration in Europe during this new era of governance.

It has important implications for debates about the contemporary governance of labour migration in Europe, and questions about the impact of an emergent EU migration regime in the context of a globalising labour market. The key findings offer a deeper understanding of the linkages between those engaged in policymaking and the kinds of communities that produce usable knowledge.

It will therefore be essential reading for academics, practitioners and students of migration and national policy processes in the EU. It will be an invaluable resource for individuals and organisations active in the immigration policy community, including policymakers themselves, but also the wider network of NGOs, think tanks and interest groups.

1. Introduction

2. Labour migration policy theory – the state of the art

3. Developing the approach: theory and methods

4. Case study one: labour migration policy change in Spain

5. Case study two: labour migration policy change in the UK

6. The EU and labour migration policymaking in the UK and Spain

7. Managing migration in the UK and Spain: ideas and policy change

8. Conclusions

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