Manual of European environmental law, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 1997
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Manual of European environmental law, 2nd ed.:
Environmental law is a relatively new legal discipline, but one already substantial and complex. The components of European environmental law are international norms accepted by the European states, the law of the European Community, and the laws of European states related to environmental protection. This creates a trend towards a unified legal system, reinforced by common or parallel national and international laws for the protection of the environment.

The purpose of this book is to provide teaching materials and a reference work for university and professional courses in environmental law, and other multidisciplinary courses with an interest in environmental issues at a European level.

The book is divided into three parts. In Part 1 'Overview' there is an introduction to the subject, followed by sections on fundamental concepts, institutions and agencies, the role of the public and techniques of environmental law. Part 2 is called 'Sectoral protection' and contains chapters on biological diversity and the protection of nature, protection of the soil, fresh waters, protection of the marine environment and the atmosphere. Part 3 is called 'Transsectoral issues' and contains chapters on regulating sources of environmental harm, environmental planning and integrated protection and economic development.

For each chapter an overview of the subject is presented, followed by a series of case studies, the text of relevant documents, a series of questions and problems, and a bibliography of further reading. In this way the manual combines the materials of a treatise, a case book, and a documentary compilation. For the second edition most chapters have been revised and updated. In addition, there is a new chapter on economic development and environmental protection and a substantial expansion of the chapter on the role of the public to include broader discussion of human rights and the environment and the role of industrial standards, including those of the International Standards Organisation.

Kiss, Alexandre/ Shelton, Dinah
Manual of European environmental law, 2nd ed.
Cambridge University Press, 1997
ISBN: 0-521-59122-8 (Hbk)/ 0-521-59888-5 (Pbk)
Price: £90.00 (Hbk)/ £34.95 (Pbk)

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