Meeting of the representatives of the public administrations of the Euro-Mediterranean Partners in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Proceedings of the meeting, Barcelona, 7-8 February 2000

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 90-6779-155-5
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The European Centre for the Regions (ECR), the Barcelona Antenna of the European Institute of Public Administration, organised an important Euro-Mediterranean event which took place on 7 and 8 February 2000 in Barcelona at the seat of the Government of Catalonia. It was the 'Meeting of the Representatives of the Public Administrations of the Euro-Mediterranean Partners in the Framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership'. This meeting marked the first phase of the broader Euro-Mediterranean project which will continue with the 'Training Programme for the Public Administrations and Institutions of the Mediterranean Partners within the Framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership', during the period 2001-2003 and the creation of the 'Euro-Mediterranean Network of Training Institutes for Public Administrations'.

The meeting aimed to open a general debate on issues related to the training of the Mediterranean Partners within the framework of the Barcelona Process - Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, so as to enable the public administrations and institutions of the Mediterranean Partners to improve their performance as regards Community policies and to update the knowledge that their administrations and institutions have of the EU and its Member States. The aim of this initiative is to further the Euro-Mediterranean process and to strengthen inter-regional and intra-regional co-operation.

The body of this publication includes the declaration of the Chair of the Meeting, endorsed by the Euro-Mediterranean Committee during its session of 10 February 2000, as well as the text of the lectures given by various speakers and provides a general description of the Euro-Mediterranean Training Programme as well as the future prospects for the initiative.

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