Merkel and Macron want a new start for the EU

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Euro|Topics relaunched their website during 2016. Features published before that date are still available via an archive website (see related url hyperlinks).Report of the first formal meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin on the 15 May 2017.

The German Chancellor wanted to work 'closely, in a spirit of friendship and trust' with France’s new President. Angela Merkel announced that a Franco-German Council of Ministers would be held in July 2017. She also agreed with Emmanuel Macron that they should produce a joint roadmap for EU projects.

Euro|Topics wrote that great expectations were being placed on the German-French duo: Hopes were high that Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron would save Europe, the opinion pages of European newspaper concured. During Macron's inaugural visit to Berlin the two leaders promised to present a roadmap on EU reform and did not bar the possibility of amending the Union's treaties. What can the two achieve, European commentators wondered?

At the 19th Franco-German Ministerial Council held in Paris on the 13 July 2017 Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that Germany and France intended to strengthen the European Union with their common efforts. They were aware that they must take more charge of Europe’s destiny 'and ensure our people of protection and security, as well as progress and development'.

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