Migrant integration statistics – employment

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Migrants play an important role in the labour markets and economies of the countries they settle in. This article presents European Union statistics on the employment of migrants as part of monitoring their integration and assessing their situation in the labour market. This in turn makes it easier to evaluate the outcomes of integration policies.

The indicators presented in this article are based on the 2010 Council conclusions on integration, the subsequent study ‘Indicators of immigrant integration — a pilot study’ (2011) and the report ‘Using EU indicators of immigrant integration’ (2013). This article elaborates on practically all existing Zaragoza indicators on employment except for the ‘over-qualification rate', together with new indicators proposed in the report mentioned. The following indicators are presented in this article:

+ unemployment rate;
+ employment rate;
+ activity rate;
+ self-employment;
+ temporary employment;
+ part-time employment;
+ long-term unemployment.

Source Link http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/statistics-explained/index.php/Migrant_integration_statistics_-_employment
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