Mobility under Erasmus+: Millions of participants and multi-faceted European Added Value, however performance measurement needs to be further improved

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Publication Date 06/09/2018
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Erasmus+ is a well-known, successful EU brand. Between 2014 and 2020 it will provide support worth over €16 billion in the fields of education and training, youth and sport. We assessed the performance and European added value of Learning Mobility, a key action in Erasmus + which represents more than half the total budget and has benefited more than two million learners and practitioners.

Our overall conclusion is that Erasmus+ has a positive effect on participants’ attitudes towards the EU and generates many forms of European added value - countries would not be able to achieve such effects acting alone.

However, we found that performance measurement is difficult because indicators are not fully aligned with objectives. We also found that despite some simplification, application and reporting processes are still complex.

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