Moldovan parliamentary election, July 2021

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Information Guide concerning the legislation election held in Moldova on 11 July 2021.

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The 101 seats in the Moldovan Parliament are elected by party-list proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency. The nation-wide electoral threshold varies depending on the type of list; for single parties or organisations it is 5%; for an electoral bloc of two or more parties it is 7%. For independent candidates the threshold is 2%.

The early election was triggered following the dissolution of the Parliament on 28 April 2021, made effective by decree signed by the President of Moldova. This was allowed only after two decisions were issued by the country's Constitutional Court - the first one confirming the conditions had been met for such dissolution, and a second one lifting the state of emergency introduced in relation to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Dissolving the Parliament was the answer to the chamber's inability to endorse a new cabinet within the constitutional deadlines, following the resignation of Prime Minister Ion Chicu.

This election was widely regarded as a stand-off between those arguing for closer relations with Russia and those defending closer relations with the European Union (EU). Following the election of Maia Sandu as Moldova's President, pre-electoral polls suggested momentum was with the latter group. The electoral campaign also focused on matters such as poverty and the fight against corruption, and more widely on the need for Moldova to come to terms with its recent history.

The official results largely reflected the momentum gained by the pro-EU side leading up to the election. Centre-right PAS party was the clear winner of the election (52.8%), grabbing the status of largest party in Parliament from the pro-Russian BECS party (27.2%). The Eurosceptic Șor party was third in the polls (5.7%).

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