Monitoring the application of European Union law. 2021 Annual Report

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Publication Date 15/07/2022
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Report published by the European Commission on 15 July 2022, setting out how the it monitored and enforced EU law in 2021, and the performance of Member States in various policy areas.

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Since 1984, following a request made by the European Parliament, the European Commission presents an annual report on monitoring the application of EU law during the preceding year. The European Parliament then adopts a resolution on the Commission's report.

Overall, in 2021, the Commission opened 847 new infringement cases, compared to an average of 809 over the five preceding years. Two-thirds of the new cases were launched for late transposition of EU directives, while one third were launched because of wrongful application of EU law or non-conformity of national rules with EU law, including the Treaties. The enforcement action by the Commission has helped bring back Member States into compliance: 704 infringement cases were closed over the year. In 31 cases, the Commission decided to refer a Member State to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

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