More work opportunities for more people. Unlocking the private employment agency industry’s contribution to a better functioning labour market. Strategic Report for Discussion, November 2007

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Eurociett has published a report on the European private employment agency industry and its impact on jobs and growth.

The private employment agency industry is expected to create more than 2.1 million new jobs in Europe by 2012 through structural growth and the lifting of unnecessary restrictions on the use of agency work:

Private employment agencies are already an engine for job creation, currently employing 3.3 million agency workers (full time equivalent) across Europe. Continued structural growth will raise this by 1.6 million to reach 4.98 million jobs by 2012.

In addition to these 1.6 million new jobs, the report shows that the industry can create a further 570,000 extra jobs if two specific restrictions on temporary agency work are lifted in just 6 key EU countries: sectoral bans (for instance, the use of agency work is not accepted in the Public Sector in Belgium, France and Spain and in the construction sector in Germany and Spain) and limitation of reasons of use (e.g. in Belgium, the use of temporary agency work is restricted to 3 justifications defined by law).
The results show that the agency work industry is a real engine for job creation and economic growth, while also contributing to facilitate transitions and work mobility in the labour market.

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