Protests across Moscow ahead of City Duma election

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Feature bringing together reports and analyses of the protests held in Moscow in July and August 2019, following the refusal by Russian authorities to allow opposition candidates to stand in the local parliamentary election, scheduled for 8 September.

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Opposition politicians called protests in July 2019 in response to a decision by the electoral commission to invalidate a high number of signatures which would have allowed opposition candidates to stand in Moscow's City Duma election. Anger from locals led to some of the largest anti-government demonstrations held in years, which refused the reasoning of the public authorities to reject the candidates' applications.

A rally on 20 July gathered over 20,000 people on the streets of Moscow. Authorities refused to allow subsequent demonstrations - which were promised an even bigger crowd of protestors - on the basis that such protests included violence threats against the electoral commission. Several opposition leaders were later detained and given short jail sentences as a short-term measure to keep them away from protests. Among them was Alexei Navalny, which was later taken to hospital after falling ill during his stay in prison. On 27 July, police detained over 1,300 people following further protests, prompting wide international condemnation. On 3 August, 800 people were detained, including prominent activist Lyubov Sobol. A demonstration on 10 August gathered thousands of people and was against met with mass arrests and a violent crackdown by the police. France and Germany subsequently condemned Russian police crackdown on protestors, seen as 'excessive use of force'.

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