Multicultural policies and modes of citizenship in European cities

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-7546-1555-3
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Globalisation is not only the domain of the multi-national corporations. Globalisation is happening in our cities as migration increases for both economic and political reasons. How do our cities manage this globalisation and simultaneously observe the fundamentals of citizenship - inclusiveness and participation?

This volume draws on the results of case studies from ten European cities in both Northern and Southern Europe and from countries with differing modes of citizenship. It examines how immigrants and ethnic minorities have participated in the municipal area and focuses on the two fundamental notions of citizenship and participation.

Opening with a discussion of multicultural policies and modes of citizenship in European cities, the first chapter provides background about the MPMC project which was funded by the UNESCO MOST programme. The case studies are then presented and these include the European cities of Amsterdam, Zurich, Barcelona, Birmingham as well as many more. For each city, the multicultural policies are analysed and examples of immigrant mobilisation are studied. The historical cycles of migration and data concerning the actual immigrant population of each city are also provided.

The book reveals that the participation of immigrants in the local community is often hindered because they do not possess the legal status of citizenship and yet the lack of participation often prevents the full development of citizenship. In the concluding chapter of the book, John Crowley addresses the issue of 'local citizenship' but questions whether it is really possible to develop such a concept that is coherent and useful.

The material offered in this book provides a good basis for a discussion on citizenship and the integration of ethnic minorities. The book should therefore be useful to a broad range of people - including scholars, students, researchers and policy makers in the fields of migration, citizenship and multiculturalism.

Alisdair Rogers is a lecturer at Keble College and the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, UK. Jean Tillie is Senior Researcher and Programme Leader at the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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