Netherlands election previews: Will Geert Wilders follow Trump and win power? / Polls suggest mid-sized parties are now the new norm in Dutch politics / Dutch politics stops minding its language

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The Netherlands will hold its next general election on 15 March 2017. As Tjitske Akkerman outlines, there has been speculation that Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) could emerge as the largest party, with the PVV currently leading in opinion polls. Nevertheless, Wilders’ status as a political outsider is likely to make it extremely difficult for the PVV to gain power as even at the top end of polling predictions it would remain a long way from a majority of seats.


The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte ruled out on the 15 January 2017 participating in a government with Geert Wilders.

On the 23 January 2017 Mr Rutte's VVD Party placed advertisements in Dutch newspapers calling for common decency and a return to ‘normal’ patterns of behaviour. Mr Rutte said that people who were not happy living in the Netherlands should leave.

The Election Council announced on the 3 February 2017 that 28 political parties would take part in the general election (eighty one had originally registered). Observers suggested that a coalition of at least four parties, and maybe more, was likely to be necessary to form a new government after the vote.

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