New environmental policy instruments

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Series Details Vol.16, No.4, July-August 2006 (special issue)
Publication Date July 2006
ISSN 0961-0405
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Special issue containing the following articles:
Lars E. Olsson: Examining the use of subsidies for the abatement of greenhouse gas emissions through experimental simulations, p184-197;
Vilja Varho: Wind power policy options in Finland - analysis of energy policy actors' views, p198-212;
Åsa Persson: Characterizing the policy instrument mixes for municipal waste in Sweden and England, p213-231;
Patrik Söderholm: Environmental taxation in the natural resource extraction sector: is it a good idea?, p232-245;
Henrik Hammar, Åsa Löfgren: The variability of environmental protection expenditures between sectors in Sweden, p246-257.

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