EUISS Chaillot Paper No. 143 (December 2017)

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Series Details Number 143
Publication Date 13/12/2017
ISBN 978-92-9198-638-5
ISSN 1683-4917
EC QN-AA-17-004-EN-N
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Nobody move! Myths of the EU migration crisis


This Chaillot Paper contextualises the dilemmas facing EU policymakers as Europe experienced an unprecedented influx of migrants and refugees in 2015-2016. Analysing and comparing the differing perspectives of external experts and internal practitioners, it examines how the EU’s enlargement, neighbourhood and development policies evolved in response to the migration crisis.

The paper identifies nine important shifts in European foreign policy that took place during the crisis, offering an explanation of why each occurred.

Table of Contents:

  • Before the Crisis
    • Lack of readiness: projecting power to project migrant numbers
  • During the Crisis: nine dilemmas for migration diplomacy
    • Border management: the line between internal and external security
    • Mixed flows: from 'hotspots' in Greece to hot spots abroad
    • Libya: expanding the EU's 'neighbourhood watch'
    • West Africa: dropping the development approach
    • East Africa: how do you solve a problem like Eritrea?
    • The EU asylum model: turing global rule-takers into rule-makers
    • The UN migration summit: new friends in an unexpected place
    • Region-building: reinventing divide and rule
  • After the Crisis
    • Flows, pools and bridges
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