Non-trade objectives and EU external policy : survey responses on RESPECT research findings

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Series Details Volume 2022/12, 12
Publication Date 2022
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This report summarizes the results of an expert survey conducted as part of the consultations with practitioners and other stakeholders on the findings of a Horizon 2020-supported research project “Realizing European Soft Power in External Cooperation and Trade” (RESPECT). Survey respondents generally support a differentiated approach in the pursuit of non-trade policy objectives through the EU trade policy, in which trade instruments are complemented by non-trade cooperation, including regulatory assistance, expert dialogues, and plurilateral initiatives on non-trade policy objectives. There is also broad agreement the EU should adapt its approach to the prevailing circumstances in partner countries, rather than a “one size fits all” approach in its reciprocal trade agreements. The survey reveals significant support for the findings of the RESPECT research project that there is room for improving policy coherence, including through coordinating policy actions at the EU and member state levels and enhancing information and transparency across the many dimensions of external action. The survey respondents also support suggestions to improve ex-ante and ex-post policy consultation and evaluation mechanisms. Grounding trade-policy decisions on evidence-based analysis is considered important to both formulate the EU trade strategies and guide enforcement decisions.

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