‘Normative Power’ Europe: theory and practice of EU Norms. The case of Macedonia

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The use of "The Normative Power" concept has stimilated a stream of academic works upon the real extent of a normative, value-based EU `foreign policy' as opposed to a more traditional, or State-like one. The paper reviews the debate in the light of the main theories (realist, pluralist, normative) on the international role of the EU.
A deeper analysis of the internal and external consequences of the normative idea of the EU as follows.It takes into account the developments in the Western Balkans, and the influence upon decision-making and consensus-building among Member States. lastly, an empirical test according to official data of the EU presence in Macedonia assesses the ambition (and efficienct) of the EU as a peculiar and autonomous international actor and norm-exporter, in the hostile realm of power politics and traditional military intervention.

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