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Public bill presented to Parliament by the UK Government on 13 June 2022, making provision about the effect in domestic law of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland which is part of the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement, about other domestic law in subject areas dealt with by the Protocol and for connected purposes.

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The Bill aims to provide the basis to amend the operation of the Protocol in the domestic law of the United Kingdom. It aims to disapply elements of the Protocol, and provide delegated powers to Ministers to make new law in connection with the Protocol (including where provision ceases to have effect in the UK). Additionally, the Bill aims to provide delegated powers for Ministers to provide that other provisions of the Protocol should cease to have effect in the UK, as well as to implement any agreement with the European Union regarding the Protocol.

The Bill was introduced for first reading on 13 June 2022. The European Commission promptly reacted to the decision of the UK Government to table this Bill. On 27 June, the Bill was approved in second reading and in third reading on 20 July. By November 2022, the House of Lords carried out its scrutiny concerning the Bill.

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Wikipedia: Northern Ireland Protocol Bill

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