Obama’s Push for a New Transatlantic Relationship

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TTIP has become associated with populist, Eurosceptic, and antiglobalisation movements. And there is more than a tinge of anti-Americanism. Indeed, the public support given by President Obama in April 2016 for Britain to remain in the EU and his pleading for European leaders to support TTIP were really about the United States wanting a stronger Europe and a revitalised transatlantic relationship.

Unless there is a major shift across Europe in the coming months, Judy Dempsey suggests that Obama’s bid to clinch what would be a historic trade deal will elude him. Russia and China will no doubt be relieved.

On the 25 April 2016 on the last day of his final trip to Europe before the end of his Presidency, Barack Obama called on Europe to strengthen its unity. In the evening he held a special meeting with the leaders of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom in Hannover.

The transatlantic partners must stand shoulder to shoulder to address security issues, declared Chancellor Angela Merkel following the meeting. The aim must be to prevent illegal migration and to stabilise Libya.

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