Out of Concern for Europe (Book by Helmut Kohl)

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This Book synthesis by Jörg Haas summarises the main arguments presented by former German chancellor (1982-1998), Helmut Kohl, in his book Aus Sorge um Europa (Out of concern for Europe).

Kohl puts the challenges posed by the euro crisis in a historical context and argues that only a unified Europe, not a loose association of states, can ensure peace and prosperity for the continent.

He focusses on five issues:
1. The crisis and the need for Europe
2. The lessons of history: the post-war period and 'Eurosclerosis'
3. The roots of the crisis
4. Guidelines of European policy
5. The way ahead

Source Link http://www.notre-europe.eu/media/outofconcernforeurope-kohl-jdi-b-dec14.pdf?pdf=ok
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