Panorama magazine | Number 2 (Winter/Spring 2000/2001)

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Series Details Number 2
Publication Date Winter/Spring 2001
ISSN 1608-389X
EC KN-LR-00-002-EN-C
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Spain: The Peninsula gets connected


This edition of Panorama Magazine looks at tackling social exclusion on Portugal. It also features a wide range of topics and projects from across the EU.


  • Spotlight on Vastra Gotland Remembering the Bronze Age
  • Local people have their say: The port of Liege
  • Events: The Urban Audit
  • The Penninsula gets connected
  • Evaluating the Structural Funds
  • The Swedish region of Gothenburg and Bohuslan - Remembering the Bronze Age
  • Belgium the free port of Liege
  • Finland: Putting regional programmes in the public eye
  • France: Upper Normandy: getting the message across
  • The Urban Audit: Spotlight on 58 European cities
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