Panorama Magazine | Number 21 (Winter 2006)

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Series Details Number 21
Publication Date Winter 2006
ISSN 1608-389X
EC KN-LR-06-021-EN-C
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A new transparent European cohesion policy


This Winter edition of Panorama Magazine covers a wide range of topics and projects from across the EU. This issue focuses on transparency within regional policy.


  • Networking for excellence in regional development
  • From 'Brussels' to the projects: transparency in cohesion policy
  • Working for better communication: SFIT, Inform and national networks
  • From the ground: Hungary
  • From the ground: Latvia
  • The ERDF in action: Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Poland
  • Report: High tide in Cornwall
  • The ERDF in action: Czech Republic, Sweden, Malta, Italy
  • From the ground: Spain
  • Fruitful discussions in Graz
  • REGIO and networks
  • Online
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