Panorama Magazine | Number 69 (Summer 2019)

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Publication Date Summer 2019
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Moravia-Silesia emerges from its industrial past


The regional focus in this issue is on Moravia-Silesia in Czechia, with an interview with Regional President Ivo Vondrák, project examples, and an analysis of how they are dealing with the transition away from the coal industry towards a more climate-neutral economy. It also takes a look at transnational cooperation via the Interreg programme, featuring best practice and projects from across the continent, and how the EU Competency Framework enables effective management of EU funds.

The In Your Own Words section includes reflections from two MEPs on the REGI committee – Constanze Krehl and Jan Olbrycht – and features testemonials from younger people via their experiences in the Youth4Regions media programme. There are reports on how the Broadband Competence Offices Network has helped to narrow the digital divide between regions, and how interregional cooperation has helped enhance cybersecurity. The projects section visits Cyprus, France, the Canaries and the Italy/Austria border region.


  • Inspiring industrial transition in all regions
  • Better competencies for better governance of EU funds
  • Interreg: the European spirit in action
  • Innovative monitoring system changes cooperation across borders
  • In your own words: MEPs Constanze Krehl and Jan Olbrycht
  • Youth4Regions: Summit calls for a Europe closer to its citizens
  • Volunteering youthful ideas to strengthen cohesion in Europe
  • Moravian-Silesian region: smart, innovative and well-balanced
  • Data point: Why does the EU invest in risk prevention?
  • Creating synergies among local EU cybersecurity ecosystems
  • Multi-region assistance programme (MRA): transforming a city’s vision into reality with financial instruments
  • Bringing fast internet to Europe’s regions
  • Projects: The Canaries, Cyprus, France Austria and Italy
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